On my radar

Spent the weekend in this teepee with my favorite tiny family members.

Back at the desk real early this morning thanks to a little pup named Cody who likes to start yelping at 6am. He's so cute though that I might get up at 5 am for him....but don't give him any ideas. 

On my radar this morning...

This Goop article is a great inspiration for how to start the week and make your life exactly what you want it to be by being your own biggest supporter. 

We discovered a very chic little store, Rodeo, in Wyoming this weekend and each got ourselves a pair of Elyse Walker espadrille/loafers that are so comfortable. And so cute. The come in everything from solid suede to leopard to tie-dye. Highly recommend!

Debating ordering this Whole 30 handbook. I've read this brilliant book that has me thinking about doing the whole 30 program. I'm just dragging my feet due to a love of summer cocktails...and cheese.