Right Now

And we're back! 

And by we I mean me, the pup sleeping under my desk and the pile of paperwork on my desk. People often remark about how glamorous being an interior designer must be - what they don't see is the follow up/contractor babysitting and daily paperwork that goes into the exciting end result. After all, you can't create the magic without the details. 
So that's where I am right now - between a two page list and Studio Webware (that keeps me organized - if you're a designer, I highly recommend it!) headed towards what I feel lucky to say will be another fun installation in a few weeks. One that I promise to share!

For now, here's what's on my radar...

As I get older (and so much wiser, right? all those self help books have to have some effect) I am trying to care less about what's trendy, less about what I marketers tell me I "need" to have and care more about what I want to work for in life and the quality I surround myself with. Quality of people, quality of clothes, quality of food and experience. And the whole letting go of keeping up with whatever and whomever has been fabulously freeing.

I just signed us up for a weekly delivery of local fruits/veggies that will arrive this Thursday. I found myself always buying the same things at Eastern Market and am ready for a little variety in my food life.

It has finally arrived in DC and is just as fabulous as my experience with the spin studio in NYC. 
The best part is, you're out of there in 45 minutes.