The Elusive Turkish Rug and white Birkenstocks

It happened a few years ago when I walked into Capitol's new location in Charlotte, NC. 
Upstairs, there it was, the coolest rug I had ever seen thanks to Barrie Benson's gorgeous design of the store. Now the love affair continues whenever I stop by Capitol when I'm home to peruse what they have in stock. Sure I pretend to be eyeing the jewelry, but it's all to stare at the rug. Really. 

I have searched through my rug sources and flea markets and the smelliest rug store in dc and the usual online suspects but have yet to find THE one with a great mix of orange, pink and brown in the rug above. So I was pleasantly surprised when scrolling through instagram, to find that Michelle Adams, the founder of Lonny and editor of Domino was on the same hunt. And you know people offered up all kinds of resources to her. Lucky us! Almost. Lots of Turkish rug resources were shared but none of those resources have yielded any amazing results - yet! 

The hunt continues and if any of you lovely people come across one, please let me know! 
You could make my decorator dreams come true. 

Also, how are you all feeling about the whole Birkenstock trend circling back? My first thought is "Oh if the women at Capitol are wearing them then I should absolutely get a pair". Because those women can pull off just about anything. Even a Pearl Jam trend from the 90s. 
But then I think about the 90s, and the whole decade wasn't exactly a good look style wise...

Who is that random kid on the right?