Fashion Friday - On Thursday - WILD.

I know - I am really throwing you for a loop here yapping about Fashion Friday on a....Thursday! 
I plan to be away from the ole computer tomorrow but didn't want to leave you without like last week. So let's get to it. 



I love me some faux fur. So much so that I'll shamelessly take a picture of myself in a store.
And then take another picture of it on a chair.

And then make my sister put it on and pose with me. 

Lelia, you're famous!

Okay. I have to come clean now. Those vests weren't faux but they were fabulous and we didn't buy them because they were real expensive and of course because they were real. But I'd like for someone to make a faux copy so here I am putting that out there. 

This fall I hope the trend of colorful faux fur continues - so I'm going to continue it. Who's with me?!
I'm dubbing September faux fur month because there are A LOT of items I've got my eye on and they each deserve a day. You're excited, aren't you? 

So here we go - faux fur for this faux fall weather. It's warm out but I'm ready to transition. Here's the game plan. Faux fur clutch. And nothing else. 

I'm kidding! Wear clothes people. And maybe even these clothes and definitely that mint purse.