Fashion Week From Afar

When I lived in NYC a lifetime ago, I got all of my fashion inspiration from people walking down the street. Outrageous or reserved, there seemed to be free reign for adults to play dress up every day. Especially on Chrisopher Street...but thats another post. Now, living in DC, I am happy to put less emphasis (but not energy!) on what I wear daily. I still try to keep it interesting but there is no temptation to spend the rent on a pair of heels. And thus, life has gotten much more relaxing. Though, that's not to say that I've given up my fashion stalking...

Now thanks to Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, I get to keep up on Fashion Week street style from afar and I have to say, Miroslava Duma is killing it. The woman is pregnant and out working every other person I've seen. (Did people forget to get their peacock on for this fashion week?) Take a look below and get inspired!

Just. So. Good.