What a way to end the summer - a weekend in Nantucket with some amigos fulfilling all of my wasp dreams. The charm in the northeast outdoes any other spot in this country as far as I'm concerned. 

And in DC it definitely feels like the season is changing after seeing numerous kids having their picture taken outside their front door ready to head back to school during my morning run (I use that term pretty loosely). But just because summer is over doesn't mean the fun has to end!

Here's what's on my radar for fall...

I am heading north with some chicas to check out Woodstock next week - any suggestions are welcome!

Taking advantage of Yards Park. From weekly concert series to the beer fest to a pig roast - Yards Park has been an amazing addition to DC and continues to serve up the entertainment. 

Sweetgreen's Passport: Monthly hookups to free barre, yoga and spin classes in the area from everyone's favorite salad shop. Those overpriced juices get me every time...

And if you're looking to bring a little fall into your abode, Domaine Home has a few tips.