Back at It

Ah Columbus Day. Anyone have the holiday off?
When you work for yourself there kind of are no days off - I am always looking out for and thinking about options for clients and today is no exception. But you won't catch me complaining - even the endless paperwork and tracking down contractors that are always an hour late is never enough to make me take my job for granted for one second. 
I did however, get to check out and enjoy every moment of the sweetest wedding this weekend. The flowers above were from our bridesmaids bouquets and that is just a snippet of the beauty. I really wish I had taken more photos but it was too much fun to pause. 
So now as I dive back into designing for the week I thought I'd share my weekly radar blips...

Want to get Kate Hudson's body? Uh, yes, me too. Maybe if we put on her new collection of workout wear it'll happen! Okay maybe if I wear the clothes and actually go to the gym it'll happen....I know I know. 

Handy! The most billiant app in the home owning world. Ever since we bought our abode a few years ago I have been on the hunt for a reliable handyman. It doesn't exist. But the Handy app does! And you can choose the time/service you need and GASP a real handyman shows up on time! Glorious.
**Just use the code ANNA0045 when you sign up for Handy and get $25 towards your first booking when you sign up!**