The Yards Made Me Go Modern

I've never seen a city transform neighborhoods and neglected property into buzzing destinations like DC. In my few years of living here, completely new neighborhoods have popped up largely due to DC's amazing food scene and some smart developers. Union Market, U street and now, The Yards. Ah, the Yards. Old warehouses turned chic loft apartments, a boardwalk and riverside park reminiscent of the High Line, spacious new restaurants and parking. Oh the parking. There are days when I long for the masses of free parking lots in the south as I circle blocks looking for a spot before settling on the $16 parking deck. And the sad part is, I'm not even shocked at paying that much anymore. 
But back to the Yards! It's clean. It's new. It has character. It has even made me consider the idea of going all minimal - all modern. As I was walking out of the gym at The Yards yesterday, endorphins flowing, I was seriously considering what it would be like to sell our row house and go modern in a loft in the Yards. And I would go all modern minimal a la Aerin Lauder in Aspen

Cozy and clean. Done. Well, maybe someday.